Class 6 – Civics

Knowledge of Civics is essential so that they get to know about theoretical, political and practical aspects of citizenship, as well as its rights and duties. So, in helping them understand the subject better, our Class 6 Civics module is a trustable resource. Highly skilled subject matter experts prepare these modules 6 Civics. The module consists of a total of 9 chapters which explains topics such as Understanding Diversity, What is Government, Panchayati Raj, etc. Class 6 students should study their Civics textbook thoroughly while preparing for final exam so that they can score desired marks. Quizzes and assignments are also included at the end of each chapters to test your knowledge about the topics you learned.

CL6CIVCH1 Video Lecture – Understanding Diversity
CL6CIVCH2 Video Lecture – Diversity and Discrimination
CL6CIVCH3 Video Lecture – What is Government
CL6CIVCH4 Video Lecture – Key Elements of a Democratic Government
CL6CIVCH5 Video Lecture – Panchayati Raj
CL6CIVCH6 Video Lecture – Rural Administration
CL6CIVCH7 Video Lecture – Urban Administration
CL6CIVCH8 Video Lecture – Rural Livelihoods
CL6CIVCH9 Video Lecture – Urban Livelihoods

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