Class 6 – Geography

Geography is a field of science dedicated to study of lands, features, inhabitants, and phenomena of the Earth and planets. It covers topics such as The Earth in the Solar System, Maps, Motion of the Earth, etc. Each chapter mentioned in the module is explained in simple language along with suitable examples and activities. Quizzes and assignments are also included at the end of each chapters to test your knowledge about the topics you learned.

CL6GEOCH1 Video Lecture – The Earth In The Solar System
CL6GEOCH2 Video Lecture – Globe : Latitudes and Longitudes
CL6GEOCH3 Video Lecture – Motions of the Earth
CL6GEOCH4 Video Lecture – Maps
CL6GEOCH5 Video Lecture – Major Domains of the Earth
CL6GEOCH6 Video Lecture – Major Landforms of the Earth
CL6GEOCH7 Video Lecture – Our Country: India
CL6GEOCH8 Video Lecture – India: Climate, Vegetation and Wildlife

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