Class 6 – History

History helps to increase our awareness about past kings, kingdoms, and society. It also gives us an overview of the way people lived, the food they ate and the clothes they wore. It is essential to learn History so that we can make a better future. By studying History, students will understand about various developments which have taken place in human society in different periods. Class 6 History covers topics such as What, Where, How and When, In the Earliest Cities, What Books and Burials Tells us, etc. Quizzes and assignments are also included at the end of each chapters to test your knowledge about the topics you learned.

CL6HISCH1 Video Lecture – What, Where, How and When?
CL6HISCH2 Video Lecture – From Hunting : Gathering to Growing Food
CL6HISCH3 Video Lecture – In the Earliest Cities
CL6HISCH4 Video Lecture – What Books and Burials Tell Us
CL6HISCH5 Video Lecture – Kingdoms, Kings and an Early Republic
CL6HISCH6 Video Lecture – New Questions and Ideas
CL6HISCH7 Video Lecture – Ashoka: The Emperor Who Gave Up War
CL6HISCH8 Video Lecture – Vital Villages, Thriving Towns
CL6HISCH9 Video Lecture – Traders, Kings and Pilgrims
CL6HISCH10 Video Lecture – New Empires and Kingdoms
CL6HISCH11 Video Lecture – Buildings, Paintings and Books

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